In which cases do you need an Approval from the Ministry of Health?
  • Business license (food): Any business working in the field of food is required by law to hold a business license.
  • Food import license (Importer Registration Certificate): Any person who wishes to import food to Israel is required an Approval of the National Food Service at the Ministry of Health.
  • Food Manufacturer License: This license is issued to factories or other businesses which are involved in production processes, storage or packaging of raw materials or products in the field of food. The Food Manufacturer License is issued by the National Food Service at the Ministry of Health.
  • Registration of new food: Anyone wishing to manufacture, market and import new food is required an Approval from the Ministry of Health. For example: food supplements, raw materials, flavorings, baby food, preserves and others.
Who is required to receive the approval of the Ministry of Health?
  • Anyone who intends to import food products.
  • Anyone whose approval has expired and will need to extend it.
  • Anyone who is interested in establishing a production system for food.
Food Registration – the process

You decided that you want to market food or food supplements in Israel – now you will need to undertake the procedure for registering food / food supplements at the Ministry of Health (according to the Public Health Regulations, 5757-1997).

The National Food Service is the body at the Ministry of Health that deals with food and food supplements. The Service very strictly examines the safety and quality of each product. Only after fulfillment of the Ministry of Health's guidelines for submitting an application for registration and import of food supplements and compliance with the high standards of the Health Ministry, the product is approved for marketing in Israel.

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Each food category requires a different treatment:
  • Food of animal origin:

Food derived from animal origin and kept at controlled temperature.

  • Non-animal food:

Sensitive food – milk and dairy products, foods intended for consumption by infants, food supplements, meat and fish and their products.

Regular food – food products and food supplements.

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