The information revolution taking place around us at any given moment generates a variety of opportunities, but also many threats to organizations and companies. Today everyone understands that knowledge is power, and this knowledge should remain in the organization and only be exposed to needs that generate business benefits.


ISO 27001/IEC 27001 Standard (2013) was determined by the International Organization for Standardization and is reassessed and updated every few years.

The Standard is intended to implement, maintain and continually improve the information security in organizations - regardless of their size or field of occupation. SYNCProjects has gathered considerable expertise and experience in implementing this important standard in dozens of organizations and companies.

ISO 27001
How does ISO 27001 help your organization?

The ISO 27001 Standard dictates how information security should be handled in all levels of the organization, defines solutions and action methods relating to the human factor, computer systems, databases and control within the organization. The Standard's main objective: dealing with current and future threats regarding the company's information management, and minimizing the risk of information leakage. Today, Standard Certification is a necessary step also for joint ventures with companies and organizations around the world, who consider the Standard as a prerequisite for entering business ventures.

תקן ISO 27001
Do you also need the ISO 27001 Standard?

The way to confirm the necessity of the Standard for your organization is simple and includes four simple questions:

  1. Does the regulator require you to have ISO 27001 certification for information security?
  2. Do you work with customers or partners for whom an information security standard is a prerequisite?
  3. Do your competitors have ISO 27001 certification?
  4. Does your organization have information that should not be disclosed or leak and do you want to strengthen the information security envelope?

If you answered yes to at least one question, then it is about time to advance to the ISO 27001 standard with the help of SYNCProjects.

תקן אבטחת מידע
How do you obtain the ISO 27001 Standard?

The Standard is implemented systematically in the organization, aiming to seal security gaps and to prevent leaking of critical information. SYNCProjects' experts will assist you throughout the process. These are the main steps in obtaining ISO 27001 certification:

  1. Gap Survey. Our experts survey and map the existing processes and information security measures, as compared to the Standard's requirements.
  2. Work Program. We present the organization's authorities with the gap survey results and our recommendations, and together we will build a systematic work program to close the gaps according to the Standard's requirements and the organization's activities.
  3. Work Procedures and Guidelines. Our experts will write detailed work procedures for the organization according to the Standard's requirements and the organization's activities.
  4. Risk Evaluation. SYNCProject's professionals will carry out a risk evaluation and set references to assess the effectiveness of the organization's information security plan.
  5. Implementation and Training. Together with you, we will choose a framework for information security management and its implementation in your organization. In the following training sessions, we will inform the employees about the new procedures and make sure these are implemented in practice.
  6. Certification Assessment. Our experts will accompany the organization throughout the process with the Review and Certification Institute, until receipt of the certificate.
SYNCProject's Knowledge is your Security
  • SYNCProject's consulting process integrates certified experts in information security and risk management (with international qualifications in information security - CISM, CISSP, CISA, CRISC, CGEIT).
  • SYNCProject's engineers are committed to implementing the standard in a professional, personal and efficient manner.
  • For us the final result is what matters.

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