At SYNCProjects we are proud of our experience and professionalism - we are our customers' forefront vis-à-vis the regulatory bodies – among them institutes for quality standards certification in Israel and Europe, the Ministry of Health, authorities, the Registrar of Contractors and the Ministry of Defense.

The company was founded in 2004 with the purpose to provide quality services. During our work and in order to meet our clients' needs, we specialized also in the field of regulation, and today we offer a "Home of Quality and Regulation" to our customers.

The values that guide us at SYNCProjects are integrity, respect and courtesy! These values are embedded in our staff trainings and in our professionalism. Every assignment is carried out with the highest accuracy and is based on the understanding of the organization's needs, a broad vision and achieving the right solution, the best way possible for the customer.

Each team that works on a project or assignment, which includes collecting data and documents or eventually preparing the documents – after a transparent preparation process, defined according to the company's methods of work – submits the data and documents to the body from which he is required to receive the desired approval. The assignment is completed with the receipt of the approval.

As part of SYNCProjects' professional responsibility, we keep track of standards and regulatory updates that might become obstacles in the future and we make sure to be the first to know and to update our clients accordingly.

Our expertise

Over the years, we have accumulated knowledge and experience in a wide range of organizations and industries, and developed ways to integrate different management practices in order to suit the real needs of any company - precisely according to its area of activity – and to contribute to its business and professional development. The proof: our customers tell that it really works!

Our vast experience over the years has contributed largely to the expertise we accumulated, and enables us today to estimate the duration of the project, the profitability of the investment on the part of the customer, to identify the existing alternatives and to recommend which one will be best, to effectively map the client's needs and to accompany him personally, professionally and efficiently, in order to ensure his satisfaction and the success of the joint project.

Our Uniqueness

Our uniqueness lies in our experienced work teams (industrial and management engineers and regulations professionals), in professional commitment, full transparency towards the client and in permanent efficiency for the success of the joint mission.

We consider ourselves full partners in the process, quality of products and implementation of effective solutions.

We ourselves are certificated to the following ISO standards:
ISO 9001
ISO 27001

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The company is a house for quality and regulation, providing advice and quality services, efficiently and effectively, while ensuring customer satisfaction
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Our vision & challenge

Our vision & challenge

To be for our customers a professional, helpful and up-to-date source of knowledge in quality and regulation fildes. In doing so, we consider ourselves responsible for being at the forefront of local and international knowledge, with the intention of connecting all of these and applying them to our clients.

Our values

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