Registration of cosmetics is a necessary process for anyone who intends to produce, import and sell cosmetics in Israel.

The registration procedure and receipt of registration is executed at the Ministry of Health. The process requires the collection of numerous documents and compliance with strict registration regulations.

Importers and manufacturers, who wish to enter the local market in the shortest time possible, should perform the process with the assistance of expert professionals in order to save resources.

Registration of Cosmetics – the process

תקנות תמרוקים

The registration and receipt of registration is performed at the Ministry of Health (Read the blog about the new regulations for registration of cosmetics), and in order to avoid wasting time and resources, the process should be carried out with the assistance of professionals who specialize in this field. Only professional assistance can guarantee you, whether you are an importer or a manufacturer, that you will be able to enter the local market in as short a time as possible.

רישום תמרוקים במשרד הבריאות

At SYNCProjects we will assist you collect the necessary documents, and we will submit your application for licensing in a professional and efficient manner. Following, we will continue to monitor the process at the Ministry of Health until final approval is received.

Expertise of professionals is important, also to guide you through the Do's and Don'ts of the process. For example, it is worth knowing that licensing baby products requires additional documents, and licensing for the import or manufacture of solid soap or perfumes is not performed at the Ministry of Health but through the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. SYNCProjects' experts are thoroughly familiar with the licensing regulations and can assist you in a professional way until receipt of the license.

תמרוק ייעודי ורגיל

The Ministry of Health has defined "Cosmetics" in its regulations: "A product used or intended to be used for the treatment, beauty, cleaning, coloring, change or improvement of facial skin, body skin, hair, mouth, nails or teeth, including similar products".

The cosmetics registration process is designed to protect public health, and forms a barrier against the marketing of unauthorized or non-quality cosmetics

ליווי בתהליך רישום תמרוקים

The procedure for registration of cosmetics includes the collection of numerous documents and compliance with strict registration regulations regarding the manner in which materials are submitted. SYNCProjects' experts will assist you with the following procedures:

New registration or renewal of registration of a cosmetic product that is not designated or dedicated (without certain properties). It is important to know that the registration should be renewed every five years, even if no change has been made to the product, formula, branding or packaging.

Updating of the name of the product or adding a color (for example, in a series of hair dyes).

Submission/receipt of Certificate of Free Sale – This certificate is issued by the authorities in the state of production, meaning that the local health department approves its distribution in the market.

Obtaining a general license for the storage and marketing of cosmetics. This is a special procedure at the Ministry of Health, setting standards for storage facilities and marketing of cosmetics, and handles a variety of aspects: storage conditions, building, cleaning and pest control, marketing, and more.

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