Vendor Registration Ministry of Defense – the process

רישום ספק משרד הביטחון

The registration process for authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense is done once and ensures ongoing work with a powerful customer. SYNCProjects assists companies and organizations to obtain the supplier number and provides them with the knowledge gained during this process.

מסמכים רישום ספק משרד הביטחון

The registration process for authorized supplier requires the detailed collection of many documents, orderly and precise submission to the appropriate department in the Ministry of Defense such as the Procurement Administration, Department of Construction, etc. The department conducts a financial research of the organization and security checks on the owner and authorized signatories. Sometimes the process can be delayed for a long time, only because of the lack of one specific document. The next step defines the areas in which the organization wishes to register as a supplier.

זמן רישום ספק משרד הביטחון

The registration process takes time and requires resources. It is very important to monitor the entire process closely and professionally, until you receive the vendor number. This number is granted with the approval of a committee of representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. After obtaining the vendor number, your company can work on a regular basis with the Ministry of Defense. An authorized supplier is exposed to updated information about the Defense Ministry's tenders through the internet, and manages the entire bidding and account settlement in an easy and effective way.

מספר ספק מהווה אסמכתא שיווקית

Apart from the business importance of working directly with the Ministry of Defense, the supplier number constitutes a proof of reliability and quality, after the company successfully passed the meticulous registration process. Presenting the documentation to potential customers is an important marketing factor in the Israeli market.

Defense Ministry's suppliers benefit from the possibility to work with all divisions of the Ministry of Defense, the government office with the largest budget in Israel.

The registration procedure for vendor of the Ministry of Defense requires the collection and filling of many documents, orderly submission and monitoring until receiving the supplier number.