SPECIAL12-MINUTES WEBINAR which provides you with deep and quick dive into cosmetic registration in the EU.

Ensuring that a cosmetic product complies with the European Cosmetics Regulation before launching into the market can be a long road for a cosmetics brand.

In this webinar, we will go through the requirements to comply with the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC n°1223/2009) and the steps to take to ensure no compliance issues are raised while introducing your products in the EU market. (Presentation is pre-recorded).

 Topics to be covered:

➢ What are the Duties of the Responsible Person?➢
➢ What should be included in a Product Information File
➢ Understanding the EU Cosmetic Labeling Rules
➢ CPNP Notification Process, Explained
Shikha Malhotra
Shikha Malhotra is a Senior Sales Consultant at Obelis, her career spans over 13 years. Over the years, Shikha has advised clients from all continents in various industries. In doing so, she has gained a privileged insight into the functioning of many different business models allowing her to provide tailor-made advice. She will be delighted to help you navigate the maze of regulation to attain EU compliance and consistent access to the EU market.


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